How Germans refer to the end of the workday

German Word of the Day: “Feierabend” (m.)

This quintessential German word means nothing less than “closing time”, “end of work”, or “finishing time” and is celebrated throughout the land as a daily affirmation of a healthy work-life balance:

– “Schönen Feierabend!” – “Have a nice evening!” (used only at work)
– “Lass uns Feierabend machen.” – “Let’s stop working for the day.”
– “Ich verbringe meine Feierabende in der Kneipe.” – “I spend my evenings after work in the bar.”

Originally, the word refers to the evening (or “eve”) before a church or public holiday, indicating that festivities (or quietude, as the case may be) were to follow.

This word can also be used to express that something needs to stop or end (“Damit ist jetzt Feierabend!” – “Enough of this now!”).

Happy Feierabend, everyone!

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