Supercharge your German with your own private teacher, online or in-person!

Got a schedule that makes joining a group course impossible? Need to focus on more customized contents?  Want more speaking time and personalized attention? Want to take your lessons online? Let Expath hook you up with a flexible, expert teacher for your one-to-one online German lessons!

Why a one-to-one tutor is the way to go:

* Pick your own days, times, and location

* Flexibly reschedule up to the day before

* Focus on skills that are important to you

* Share the lessonS: 2-to-1 is the same price

* 300% more speaking time than in a group

* 30% quicker progression than in a group

I had a great experience with Stephan, so much so that I recommended he work with my employer to set up classes for a large group of us expats. The classes pushed my skills forward in a gentle, considerate way - which is good for someone who already is working and doesn't need another strict activity in life.  

- Tiffany H.

Choose your package:

Beginner Crash Course

Complete level A1.1 at your own pace, and benefit from individualized attention and error correction from your teacher. 

Volume: 10 x 90 minutes

Price: 800 EUR (VAT-exempt; price does not include coursebook)

1-to-1 Level Course

Get the most out of your German learning and complete a higher level (e.g. A1.2 or B1.2) in less time and with much more speaking.

Volume: 16 x 90 minutes 

Price: 1280 EUR (VAT-exempt; price does not include coursebook)

Focused Conversation

Advanced students benefit from this completely customized skills-based program.  Conversation? Specific topics? Grammar refresher? This is it.

Volume: 5 x 90 minutes

Price: 476 EUR (19% VAT incl.)

Note: All one-to-one and two-to-one lessons are currently online, either with Skype, Zoom, or a software of your choice.

Get in touch!

It's likely that we can already start your first lesson next week! Please let us know your level (if possible), your ideal times and days and how often you'd like to meet, and which of the above packages you'd like to go for! Please note that until further notice, all lessons take place online.

We're looking forward to seeing you soon!