Settle in Germany - the easy way

No matter what your reasons are for moving to Germany, knowing the ins and outs of getting set up properly right from the start can save you from a lot of bureaucratic hassle and headaches further down the road.  

In order to make the process of relocating and getting on your feet simple, we've created our comprehensive online video seminar "Getting Started and Finding a Flat in Germany" - to help take the guesswork out of the required steps and avoid common pitfalls along the way.

The German requirements can seem very daunting, as there are numerous documents required and offices to visit, but Expath simplifies the process by providing detailed instructions for how to complete the steps and in what order.

- Braden C.

(Sample) Part 10: Getting a Phone and Internet

(Sample) Part 16: Getting a Flat in Germany - A Few Extra Tips

The complete seminar includes 2 hours and 21 minutes worth of instructional videos, as well as handy downloadable resources for you to keep. Full seminar contents:

  • Part 1: Introduction & Overview of Contents
  • Part 2: Finding a Temporary Flat
  • Part 3: Registering your Address at the Bürgeramt
  • Part 4: Registering your Address FAQs
  • Part 5: Applying for a Work Permit at the Ausländerbehörde
  • Part 6: Getting Health Insurance - Types of Health Insurance
  • Part 7: Health Insurance FAQs
  • Part 8: Pension, Unemployment and Other Insurances
  • Part 9: Opening a Bank Account in Germany
  • Part 10: Getting a Phone and Internet
  • ​​​​Part 11: The German Real Estate Market - Neighborhoods, Building Types, and Prices
  • Part 12: Getting an Apartment - the Lease
  • Part 13: Getting an Apartment - the Application Paperwork
  • Part 14: Searching for Flats in German - the Best Resources
  • Part 15: Using Immobilienscout - A Practical Flatsearch Example
  • Part 16: Finding a Flat in Germany - a Few Extra Tips
  • Part 17: Applying for a Work or Student Residency Permit
  • Part 18: Getting a Tax Number
  • Part 19: Conclusions
  • My first days in Berlin were a little bit terrifying (even though I had lived in another German city already), so the workshop was definitely a great way to start getting things done. It's only been 4 days since the workshop and most of my legal obligations have been accomplished already. I can now say I feel confident to start my life in Berlin. Thank you!!!!!

    - Julia S.

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