Meet our team!

With a team of 16 employees and over 90 freelance coaches, teachers, interpreters and a network of excellent partners, we're here here to help you get living, get working, and get speaking in Germany! Learn more about our office team below!


Expath co-founder Stephan was born in Bonn, Germany  and grew up bilingually (he's a dual German/US citizen). He spent most of the 90s in the DC area, studied International Relations and Slavic Studies at UVA, worked for the Peace Corps in Moldova for two years, and has been living in Berlin since 2006. He's worked as a language teacher and teacher-trainer for almost 20 years and enjoys exploring Berlin and talking about grammar.


Tia is the other co-founder of Expath, which was inspired in part by her own experience struggling to get various work permits and deal with other German bureaucracy. She was born in Ohio, USA and in 2017 became a very proud German citizen. She lives in Tempelhof with her husband, daughter and two black cats, and loves baking sweets and learning about immigration law.


Michela is originally from a small town in the north of Italy and works at Expath as Director of Coaching & Relocation. She lived in Milan and Madrid where she studied International Relations and Italian Language Teaching. Then in April 2014 she moved to Berlin without any particular plan and this has been her home since then. In her free time, she plays the guitar, does karate, writes music and travels.


As Director of Finance and Operations, Alexis leads projects to strengthen Expath’s profitability and optimize internal processes. He moved to Berlin in 2015 with his husband after a two-day layover convinced them the city was home. They live on the border of Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg with their ornery dog and two miscreant cats.


Rosa is an almost-Berliner, having been born just some 20 kilometers away from the city. With a degree in Comparative Literature she is passionate about stories, words, languages, and teaching German. While loving Berlin in summer time – who doesn’t? – she tries to escape to Latin America during the gloomy months as often as possible. As Expath's Language School Director, Rosa is responsible for our language course coordination and teacher management processes.


Kristi is originally from the USA and works with Expath as a Relocation Specialist. Her background is in Linguistics, Language Teaching, and Educational Assessment. She has lived, worked, and studied in Montreal, Seoul, Oxford, London, and New York, and has been living in Berlin with her son and husband since 2014.


Dmitry is originally from Russia. After finishing his studies in Psychology, he moved to Germany. Having lived in Cologne and then Munich for two years, in 2014 he moved to Berlin. Since then he has been living happily in the heart of Kreuzberg, doing photography in his free time. He is interested in contemporary art and neuropsychology, and loves languages and writing poetry. At Expath, Dmitry works as a Relocation Assistant.


Andre is a Teacher Trainer at Expath and was born in Lisbon. Since films and television series are not dubbed in Portugal, André first encountered foreign languages (English) at a very young age. He went on to study German in school and then college, do an exchange year in Berlin and then move here in 2008. Andre has been teaching German since 2013 and still loves it very much. He also loves listening to and making music.


Christina is from a small German town called Jena where she studied German as a Foreign Language and Intercultural Business Communication. She moved to Berlin in 2014 and started working as a German teacher. She is very interested in cultures and languages and loves to travel as often as possible. As Expath’s manager of Sales and Client Relations, Christina takes care of our partner companies and enjoys looking for new cooperations.


Luke works at Expath as a Relocation Assistant, and is happy to give reliable and friendly support for the Relocation Services team. As an American expatriate, he has made his way to New Zealand, Ukraine, and now Germany. When not at Expath, he enjoys supporting the arts, exploring national parks, and traveling the world (of course!).


Arianna is originally from Rome, Italy, and works at Expath as a Relocation Assistant. Her studies in East Asian Languages and Cultures brought her to Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo, where she lived and worked. After moving to Berlin in 2017, she finally decided to call it home. She is a craft beer enthusiast and in her free time she likes to cook.


Ana is originally from Romania. She moved to Berlin in 2014 with her family. Since then, she has been living happily here and has steadily supplied baked goods to friends and neighbors, while enjoying the occasional board game. She has a background in customer care and has experience as a social worker in Berlin. Ana joined the Expath team as a Relocation Assistant.


Born and raised in Madrid, Virginia studied International Relations and since then she has lived and worked in Australia, Ecuador and Berlin, where she finally settled in 2014. She works as a Language School Coordinator at Expath, the first point of contact for many of the newcomers. She lives in Neukölln and enjoys her free time hiking in nature and practicing yoga.


Nicole was born and raised in Berlin and works as Expath’s bookkeeper. She loves reading a good book and traveling but her greatest love is her two daughters. Nicole also loves animals, especially dogs, and riding her horse.

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