Professional global mobility support at every step for your employees in Germany!

Save yourself time and stress with Expath's award-winning services: a team of knowledgeable immigration experts, self-service relocation platform access for your new hires, with our unique video tutorials and checklists, and a personal relocation coach to help new employees through their first weeks in Berlin, Hamburg, and other cities in Germany.

Our relocation services at a glance:

  • Immigration support – visa and work permits 
  • Planning your move – shipping, moving with pets, etc.
  • Getting set up – registering address at Bürgeramt, bank account, health insurance, SIM card/phone
  • Flat search – getting a SCHUFA, scheduling and attending viewings, applying for flats, translating lease and at key handover
  • And more – Kita search/school registration, getting a German driver’s license, etc.

"Getting support from Expath was one of the best things about my relocation experience." - Gopinath Langote (N26)

“Welcome to N26” this was the subject header of my email which contained my offer letter. I was impressed by the speed of the hiring process, it was only one day earlier that I completed my final round of interviews.

It was the first time for me to experience such a smooth and fast process from applying for a job to getting an offer letter in hand. It took only three weeks for the entire hiring process. The next challenge was relocating to Berlin.... (read more)

Our packages

Book 5-, 12- or 20-hour packages depending on how much support your employees need: they prioritize exactly how the hours are spent and we provide regular reporting to you for full transparency.

Every relocation package includes full access to our unique relocation platform where the move can be managed and access our full range of video tutorials and checklists – at no extra cost.

Our coaches

All of our coaches speak fluent English and German (and usually a 3rd or 4th language!) and are specially trained in relocation topics. Expath coaches are reliable, friendly and great at handling German bureaucracy!

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