We filmed an entire A1.1 (beginner) German course!

Real teacher - Real students - Real Progress

Can't participate in a German course in a language school? Want to watch a real group of students learn German from scratch, as if you were in the classroom with them? 

Expath has recently filmed an entire A1.1-level German course, and is now making the footage available to you - over 20 hours of class-time. Because we are in the process of still developing this as a product and putting the finishing touches on the edits (no cuts, just camera angles), we're offering these streams at a special low rate (currently €19.99 for 6 months of access). 

Check out the first few minutes from Lesson 1 (we recommend full-screen):

Stephan is one of the best language instructors I have come across, with an intuitive knowledge of individual students' struggles with German and a capacity to explain the structure of the language, in context, that exceeded my expectations (having taken other courses through different institutes).

I was in the midst of becoming an English instructor when I took the Expath course - watching Stephan go through strategies to explain sometimes complicated language structures helped me immensely as an instructor, to say nothing of my growth as a student. 

- Nathan P.

These lessons are taught by Expath co-founder Stephan, an experienced German and English teacher and teacher trainer. The students in this small group come from 5 different countries and various language backgrounds. As with all Expath language classes, the language of reference in this course is English, and frequently concepts are explained in English in this course.

A huge advantage of video lessons is that you can watch and rewatch the videos, pause, take breaks and rewind as often as you need.

These streaming videos contain 15 class sessions of about 90 minutes each, covering the entire curriculum of level A1.1. As always, we have a 100% refund policy, no questions asked, for requests within 72 hours of purchase. We hope you enjoy the course and would love to hear your feedback as we're developing it!

So, grab a coffee, have a seat in the back and let's learn some German together!

Current Price (180 day access to all videos): € 19.99

Once your credit card payment is processed, you will be automatically redirected to the full video seminar page. You will also receive an email automatically with your user name and password, with which you can log in and access your content on the bottom of every page on this site. For refunds or feedback, please email info (at) expath.de.

I had a great experience with Stephan, so much so that I recommended he work with my employer to set up classes for a large group of us expats. The classes pushed my skills forward in a gentle, considerate way - which is good for someone who already is working and doesn't need another strict activity in life. 

- Tiffany H.

We hope you enjoy this course!