Setting up as a Freelancer in Germany

How do I register to be a freelancer in Germany? What’s the difference between freelancing, self-employment or being a trade (Gewerbe)?168

Want to start working as a freelancer or self-employed person in Germany?  Need to get a tax number before you bill customers?  Not sure how, where and when to file taxes?  We can help you get set up and get answers to the most important questions:

  • How do I get a tax number and invoice clients?
  • How do income taxes work?
  • What is VAT and do I need to charge it? Are there other taxes I need to know about?
  • What is the difference between freelancing, self-employed and being a ‘Gewerbe’?
  • What kind of health insurance do I need?
  • What other insurances are a good idea (liability/accident/legal, etc.)
  • What are the special German laws regarding marketing, advertising, your website, etc.?

We can help!

  • One-on-one coaching.  Meet with an expert in person or via Skype for tailored assistance with your freelance or self-employed business.  A one-hour coaching session is €75 with all taxes included. Book your coach now.
  • Online workshop ‘Freelancing in Germany.’  Get all the essential information about how to start working as a freelancer in Germany in our online seminar. You can access it immediately  for just €19.99.

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