Finding the best school for your international family in Berlin

Finding the best school for your children is one of the biggest challenges parents in Berlin face – expats and Germans alike! Let Dr. Tina Limbird from Linden Global Learning and Support and Expath co-founder Tia Robinson walk you through schooling options and processes for international families in our free online seminar "Finding the best school for your international family in Berlin".

This workshop includes:

  • How the German school system works
  • Key questions to ask yourself about your family’s needs
  • Key questions to ask the schools you’re considering
  • An overview of Berlin’s bilingual and international schools
  • When a German school might be right for your children
  • Paperwork and processes for registering for school
  • Special needs, helping your kids learn German, and other FAQs about school life in Berlin

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Downloadable Resources:

1. The city of Berlin's official guide to schools in English (PDF)

2. Application for after-school care (Hort) (PDF)

3. Application to change schools (Schulwechsel Antrag) (PDF)

4. List of School Coordination Offices in Berlin (PDF)

5. Database of bilingual and international schools and Kitas in Berlin (XLS download)

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DISCLAIMER: This workshop ("Finding the best school for your international family in Berlin") represents Expath’s best-researched, current knowledge we have, but official paperwork, processes and guidelines are subject to change at short notice, so please always double-check for updates. Please note that this workshop offers general information and does not in any way constitute specific or individual legal advice.