Learn to speak German from scratch - alone or in a group!

German has kind of a bad reputation as far as languages go. "The words are too long and the grammar is too hard". Let's do away with the myths and get you started on your path to German fluency with our courses specifically made for English speakers!  

Depending on your time and budget, we have just the right option for you. All available online with a schedule that works for you, and all backed by our 100% refund policy in case it's just not right.

Which beginner German option is right for you?

Streaming Self-Study

Like sitting in on a German course - with pause and rewatch.


includes over 25 hours of streaming content + materials. 6 months access.

  • Complete pre-filmed beginner (A1.1) streaming German course (over 20 hours).
  • Additional 3-hour streaming seminar on the most important grammar topics for all upcoming levels.
  • All content can be paused and re-viewed at any time.
  • Handy downloadable summary sheets.
  • Completion of this program is excellent basis for any future live classes or self-learning beyond beginner level
  • 180 days (6 months) of access.
Private Lessons

Get your very own attentive teacher to teach you German.


includes 15 hours of live lessons via Zoom or in person in Berlin for one or two participants

  • Quickest way to reach A1.1 completion.
  • Flexible session booking.
  • Flexible lesson re-scheduling.
  • Two students are the same price as one.
  • Most speaking time.
  • Most attention to individual needs, mistakes, and interests.
  • Based on CEFR-certified coursebook (paper or digital).
  • Lessons can be taken within a one-year period.
  • Teacher can be replaced after first lesson.

What's this streaming self-study thing all about?

Expath's streaming self-study program for independent language learners: Pause, Rewind, Take your Time!

A live group German course isn't for everyone - sometimes our schedule won't allow it, sometimes it's our budget... and sometimes we just learn better on our own. With this in mind, we've created two products that not only fully meet the needs of independent learners of German, but also act as excellent companion programs to a live group course, either in parallel or in the future.

Our Pre-Filmed Beginner (A1.1) Course: Real Teacher, Real Students, Real Progress

Sample Video. Full course contains over 20 hours of video content

We set up some cameras in a real classroom and filmed an entire beginner German course - that's all there is to it. This course is taught by Expath co-founder Stephan. You can watch the whole thing on your own time - so make a coffee, have a seat in the back and enjoy learning German!

These lessons are absolutely amazing! Fantastic teacher. This is much more manageable than the online zoom classes, with work and parenthood having fluctuating time requirements this kind of lesson is perfect. My family and I are enjoying your class, and already are recommending it to folks we know moving to Germany.

- Gerard

Our Online Seminar "How does German Work": All you'll need to know about German Grammar

Sample Video. Full course contains over 3 hours of video content

German teachers don't often get to talk about grammar in a way that's useful. And certainly not in English! With this streaming seminar we tackle everything that's hard, different and important about German - while keeping it clear, simple and understandable. No knowledge of grammar (or German) required!

I'd like to say that I have spent so much money on books, courses, time etc. and these /your explanations I finally understand!!! I think I'll finally be able to pass B1!!! I knew in my integration/immersion class I missed so much of the basics because it wasn't explained in English. I can not thank you enough!!! 

- Lori

Start learning German on your own terms today! Only 40 EUR for 180 days of unlimited access to both products! 100% money-back guarantee within 48 hours of purchase if you are not satisfied!

What about these live online group lessons?

Small groups, super-easy online sign-up, quick progression and non-intensive classes! Who could ask for more?

We all know what it's like: You don't want to sit in front of a screen for 3 hours a day, every day, waiting for it to be your turn to speak (if it's ever your turn at all)... so we decided to offer group online classes that are non-intensive, with small groups (average around 8 participants), lots of speaking time and a very quick progression - with friendly, outgoing teachers who can help out in English, if need be! Our whole team is looking forward to seeing you in class!

I tried a [class at another school] and now I'm in the same B1 online class with Expath and WOW what an amazing difference. The teaching style, the way your teachers are utilizing Zoom... it's so good.

- Paige

Check out our schedule of upcoming A1.1 (beginner) classes and book your course for only 176 EUR. Keep in mind that all times are in Germany's time-zone!

And what's the deal with the private lessons?

Got an erratic schedule? Want to make the absolute most of your time in class? What you need is a private teacher.

The nice thing about private lessons is that the schedule is entirely up to you - and you can flexibly cancel lessons and reschedule them. Go on vacation or a spontaneous business trip without fear that your course will progress without you. In addition, your private course contents will be entirely based around your needs, skills, interests and strengths! This is also the fastest possible way (or the slowest, up to you) of reaching the end of level A1.1. And here's the kicker: The price for a two-person private course is the same as for one!

I had a great experience with my teacher, so much so that I recommended he work with my employer to set up classes for a large group of us expats. The classes pushed my skills forward in a gentle, considerate way - which is good for someone who already is working and doesn't need another strict activity in life.  

- Tiffany

Get to know your committed, enthusiastic private teacher and complete the beginner course for just 800 EUR!

No matter what you decide, we wish you lots of fun learning German!!