Visa and Work Permit Options in Germany

I need a visa for Germany!64

How do I get the freelance artist visa in Berlin?

Can I work on a language student permit?

What are the different visa and work permit options in Germany?

What is the difference between a visa and work permit?

Our specially trained experts will tell you how to get a visa and/or residency permit for working or studying in Germany.

We’ll walk you through the requirements and paperwork you need to apply and help you avoid common mistakes.  We’ll help you understand:

  • Do I need a visa? What is the difference between a visa and a work permit?
  • How do I apply for a visa from my country?
  • How do I get a Blue Card for Germany?
  • How do I get the freelance artist visa? (i.e. a freelance work permit for artists)
  • What other options do I have to get a permit to stay in Berlin?
  • What documents do I need for the application?
  • How do I prove my income?
  • How do I create a business plan or financing plan for a freelance work permit?
  • What health insurance do I need to get a work permit?

Our solutions

  • 1-on-1 coaching. Meet with an expert face-to-face or via Skype for tailored assistance with your application.  Discover all your residency permit options, or get concrete help with your upcoming application. A one-hour coaching session is €75 with all taxes included. Book your coach now.
  • Visa & work permit application. Expath can manage your entire visa and work permit application process from abroad – prices vary depending on individual factors, so please contact us at coaching (at)  for a free quote.
  • Online Seminars. You can immediately access our streaming seminars, “Getting a Freelance Work Permit” and “Getting a Freelance Artist Visa“, which describe the checklist of documents you’ll need to get together in detail, with lots of helpful suggestions on how to show you meet the requirements. We’ll walk you through all the necessary the forms and suggest extra documents you can include in your application to make the strongest case possible for getting your work permit. Alternatively, if you need to find a job before applying for a work permit, you can get all the essential information about how to find a job in Germany in our online workshop “Finding a Job in Germany“.  90 day access is just €19.99. Get access and stream them now.
  • Read more about the different residency permits to stay in Germany in an article we wrote for The Heureka here.
  • Need an individual solution? No problem – just let us know your needs by writing to coaching (at)

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