Expath's Professional Training for your HR and Recruiting Team

Expath’s team of specialist trainers has developed a series of recruiting, HR and communications workshops. Our workshops are a perfect blend of the most up-to-date content, fun presentation & your own questions.

Our workshops at a glance:

Getting Them Here: Best Practices in Recruiting International Talent (Workshop Length: 3 hours).

Audience: Recruiters or HR people who want to understand what motivates international hires to work in Berlin, and how to make their relocation as smooth as possible

  • Why Berlin? Why Germany? What attracts international candidates to this city/country?
  • Selling your company: what do international hires most want to hear? (It’s not the pay or the free breakfast!)
  • International relocation for millennials: self-service, individualization and just-in-time info.
  • Overcoming candidates' hesitations, answering critical questions
  • Managing international hires' expectations
  • Addressing family concerns... what will the spouse and children do in Germany?
  • Current pain points in settling into Berlin and how to solve them 

Understanding Immigration & Residency for non-EU Hires (Workshop Length: 3 hours)

Audience: Recruiters or junior HR people who want to understand the basics about what visa or work permits candidates need to legally work at their company

  • Visa, work permit, residency permit? Who needs what?
  • Understanding the approval process: know the agencies involved in granting permission to work
  • Your candidate and job offer: what criteria must be met to get a permit?
  • Spotting red flags: who cannot easily get a permit, and what can you do about it?
  • Bringing the family: dealing with permits for the spouse and children
  • Knowing the requirements - understanding the paperwork, documents and forms needed to apply for work permits
  • Can my candidate start now? How to check the permit of someone already in Germany

Clear Communications (Workshop Length: 8 hours)

Audience: Anyone interested in expressing ideas in the clearest way possible, avoiding meaningless jargon and being direct but correct. Expath workshops include a needs analysis and feedback (from participants). We provide the workshop materials, and the content and activities of our workshops can be adapted using material and examples from your company. Topics can include:

  • Talking to your team: getting what you need fast, with a smile
  • How to avoid jargon and manager-ese
  • Adapting your language to non-native English speakers
  • Cultural differences in communication
  • Handling feedback, criticism and problems
  • Presenting your ideas clearly in front of a group
  • Finding your company voice: communicating your company values
  • Breaking down complex topics for non-experts

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