Finding Temporary Accommodation in Germany

We recommend finding a short-term furnished apartment for your first month or two (be sure to confirm that you will be able to temporarily register your address there).

It’s difficult to rent a long-term apartment while you are still overseas, as landlords usually want to see documents you cannot get until you are here in Germany (like the SCHUFA, or credit check).  Once you arrive, it can still take a few weeks to find an affordable and nice flat – so having a sublet or short-term furnished flat will buy you time to look for a long-term flat without stress.

You've got questions? We've got answers.

  • Where can I find a short-term furnished flat for the beginning of my stay?
  • How much should I be paying and how do I know I’m not being cheated?
  • What red flags should I watch out for with the lease or landlord?
  • What’s the best/cheapest neighborhood for my lifestyle?
  • What financial or legal requirements or documents will I need to show?
  • How do I apply for a flat if I can’t prove I have a regular income?
  • Will I be able to bring my pets?

How we can make your life easier:

One-on-one coaching session with one of expat's coaches

Meet with an expert face-to-face or via Skype for tailored assistance with your flat search.  A one-hour coaching session is just €75 with all taxes included. In person or on Skype.

Online workshop ‘Getting Started and Finding a Flat in Germany.’

Get all the essential information about prices, paperwork, requirements and things to look out for in our online seminar. Includes helpful checklists and email templates in German.

Or book one of our full-service relocation packages (Berlin and Hamburg)!

Let our team support you with everything you need when you're new in Berlin or Hamburg! Book your own personal coach for yourself or your family.

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