How to talk about gossip in German

Gossiping, the act of spreading private or intimate rumors, surely is a universal pastime. For this, Germans use the words “tratschen” and “klatschen” (from “Kaffeeklatsch” (m.), meaning “coffee party”, a perfect venue for spreading rumors).

Similar words in German are “schwatzen” and “plaudern”, for “to chatter”, “to twaddle” or “to blab”.

Specifically “to talk smack” (in the parlance of our time), or “to blaspheme” is “lästern” in German.

The nouns for “gossip” are “Klatsch” (m.), “Tratsch” (m.) and “Geschwätz” (n.).

– “Hör mal auf immer über ihn zu lästern.” – “Stop always talking smack about him.”
– “Das ist nur dummes Geschwätz.” – “That’s just stupid gossip.”
– “Wir plaudern immer so gerne am Telefon.” – “We really enjoy chatting on the phone.”
– “Wir tratschen oft über die neuen Kollegen.” – “We often gossip about the new colleagues.”

The word for “rumor” is “Gerücht” (n.). A “gossip factory” is “Gerüchteküche” (literally “rumor kitchen”). A “gossip rag” is “Klatschblatt” (n.).

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