How to say "develop" in German

Useful German Word of the Day: “Entwicklung” (f.) and “entwickeln” – These German words mean “development” and “to develop”, respectively:

“Er entwickelt sich zu einem guten Sportler.” – “He’s developing into a good athlete.”
“Das ist eine eher negative Entwicklung.” – “That’s a rather negative development.”
“Hast du die Fotos entwickelt?” – “Did you develop the photos?”

The interesting thing about the words “Entwicklung” and “development” is that even though they sound nothing alike, they essentially have a very similar origin – at least in terms of meaning. Whereas the word “develop” comes from old French and means “to unwrap” or “to unfold” (related, of course, to “envelope” and “to envelop”), “Entwickeln” means the same thing in German (“to unravel”) – “wickeln” is still the word for “to wrap” and, when used alone, means changing a baby’s diapers/nappies.

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