How to say "flirt" and "turn on" in German 

German Word of the Day: “anmachen” – This German word, which literally translates as “to make on” can primarily mean two different things:

1) “to turn on” or “to switch on” – e.g. the lights, the computer, the dishwasher, etc.:
“Kannst du bitte das Licht anmachen?” – “Could you please turn on the light?”
2) “to come on to someone” or “to hit on someone”, “to try flirt with someone”:
“Hör auf mich anzumachen.” – “Stop hitting on me.”

Especially when coupled with the word “blöd” (“stupid”), it also has the meaning of “to provoke a fight with someone”.

The opposite, “ausmachen”, has the meaning of “to switch off” (as you would an appliance or the lights), and “to agree on a fixed time” (as in an appointment), “to barely make something out with your eyes” (as in, a distant shape on the horizon), and, lastly, “to mind” (as in, if something is a burden or annoying or unpleasant: “Es macht mir nichts aus” – “It doesn’t bother me”).

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