How to say "to advise" in German

The main German word for “to advise” or “to counsel” is “beraten”. An “adviser/advisor”, “consultant”, “counsellor/counselor” or “mentor” is “Berater” (m.). The German word for “advice” or “counsel” is “Beratung” (f.) or “Rat” (m.) (this is also where “Rathaus” – “town hall” comes from, literally “council house”):

– “Er gibt mir immer guten Rat.” – “He always gives me good advice.”
– “Ich rate dir heute zuhause zu bleiben.” – “I advise you to stay at home today.”
– “Mein Berater bei der Arbeitsagentur hat mir guten Rat gegeben.” – “My advisor at the employment agency gave me good advice.”
– “Wie viel kostet die Beratung?” – “How does the consultation cost?”

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