How to say "support" in German

The main German word for “support”, in the sense of “help” or “assistance” is “Unterstützung” (f.). The corresponding verb is “unterstützen”. Both come from “stützen” (“to base” or “to prop”) and “Stütze” (f.), meaning “support” in the sense of “pillar”, “bastion”, or “column”.

Alternate words for “support” are simply “Hilfe” (f.) (“help”), “Support” (m.) and “Betreuung” (f.) for a support service (such as customer support – “Kundenbetreuung”), and “Förderung” (f.) for “promotion” (in the sense of financial support – “finanzielle Förderung”):

– “Kannst du mich nicht einmal unterstützen?” – “Can’t you even once support me?”
– “Ich brauche deine Unterstützung.” – “I need your support.”
– “Das Gewölbe wird von Säulen gestützt.” – “The vault is supported by columns.”
– “Ich muss die Kundenbetreuung anrufen.” – “I have to call customer support.”
– “Das Projekt wird finanziell vom Staat gefördert.” – “The project is supported financially by the state.”

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