How Germans say "sensitive" (false friend!)

The main German word for “sensitive”, in the sense of “touchy” or “delicate”, is “empfindlich”. To a lesser degree, “sensitiv” or the false friend “sensibel” can be used. The latter does not mean “sensible” (in the sense of a prudent decision – that word would be “sinnvoll” or “vernünftig” in German):

– “Er ist sehr lichtempfindlich.” – “He’s very light-sensitive.”
– “Das ist aber ein sensibles Kind.” – “That’s quite the sensitive/emotional child.”
– “Das ist ein sensibles Thema.” – “That’s a sensitive/touchy subject.”
– “Die Instrumente sind sehr empfindlich.” – “The instruments are very sensitive/delicate.”
– “Diese Daten sind extrem sensibel.” – “This is highly sensitive data.”
– “Das war eine sehr vernünftige Entscheidung.” – “That was a very sensible decision.”

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