How to say the word "member" in German

The main German word for “member”, in the sense of someone who belongs to a group or team, is “Mitglied” (n.). Interestingly, this word finds its origins in the same root as the word “limb” in English (also, the word “member” comes from the Latin word for “limb”) – the idea being that a limb is a part of the whole. The German word for “membership” is “Mitgliedschaft” (f.). For family members, the word is “Angehörige” and a “staff member” is “Mitarbeiter” (m.):

– “Ich möchte in diesem Fitnessstudio Mitglied werden.” – “I would like to become a member of this fitness studio.” (yes, three ‘s’s in German)
– “Er will seine Mitgliedschaft kündigen.” – “He wants to terminate his membership.”
– “Wir müssen auf ihre Angehörigen warten.” – “We have to wait for her family members.”
– “Meine Mitarbeiter sind nicht zufrieden.” – “The members of my staff are not satisfied.”
– “She is a member of the board.” – “Sie ist Vorstandsmitglied.”

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