How to say that something is impressive in German

The German word for “impressive” is “beeindruckend”, the literal meaning of which is the same as in English (“Druck” (m.) – “pressure”, “print” or “press”; “Drucker” (m.) – “printer”; “drücken” – “to press”). Another, slightly less common word for “impressive” is “eindrucksvoll”. The verb “to impress” is “beeindrucken” and the noun “impression” is “Eindruck” (m.):

– “Die Vorführung war wirklich sehr beeindruckend.” – “The performance was really very impressive.”
– “Am eindrucksvollsten fand ich die Akrobaten.” – “I thought the acrobats were the most impressive.”
– “Der Drucker druckt nicht mehr. Muss ich auf den roten Knopf drücken?” – “The printer isn’t printing any more. Do I have to press the red button?”
– “Der Kandidat hat mich sehr beeindruckt.” – “The candidate really impressed me.”
– “Ich war von ihr nicht besonders beeindruckt.” – “I was not particularly impressed by her.”
– “Der Film hat einen Eindruck auf mich gemacht.” – “The film has made an impression on me.”

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