How do Germans say that something is impossible?

The German word for “impossible” is “unmöglich”. The opposite, “possible”, is “möglich”. The word for “possibility” is “Möglichkeit” (f.). and “possibly” in German is “möglicherweise”:

– “Warum ist es unmöglich, dass du mal pünktlich kommst?” – “Why is it impossible for you to be punctual for once?”
– “Du hast dich unmöglich benommen.” – “You’ve behaved impossibly.”
– “Der Plan ist unmöglich durchzuführen.” – “The plan is impossible to be carried out.”
– “Komm so schnell wie möglich.” – “Come as soon as possible.”
– “Wirf den Ball so weit wie möglich.” – “Throw the ball as far as possible.”
– “Alle möglichen Menschen sind gekommen.” – “All kinds of (lit. all possible) people came.”
– “Das ist eine entfernte Möglichkeit.” – “That’s a remote possibility.”
– “Ist das das Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten?” – “Is that the land of opportunity (lit. limitless possibilities)?”
– “Er steckt möglicherweise im Stau.” – “Possibly he’s stuck in traffic.”

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