How Germans say that something is comfortable

Although the German word “komfortabel” exists, it is used mainly to describe luxurious or technologically sophisticated furnishings or amenities (from the word “Komfort” (m.), perhaps best translated as “modern conveniences”). In the sense of “cozy” (or “cosy”), the German word is “gemütlich” (and, to a lesser degree “behaglich”). The word “bequem” can mean both “comfortable” in the sense of physical ease or relaxation, as well as “convenient”, “easy” or “handy”:

– “Das ist ein sehr komfortabel eingerichtetes Hotelzimmer.” – “That is a very comfortably furnished hotel room.”
– “Du hast ein sehr gemütliches Wohnzimmer.” – “You have a very cozy living-room.”
– “Hier ist ein sehr behagliches Sofa.” – “Here’s a very comfy sofa.”
– “Machen Sie es sich bequem!” – “Make yourself comfortable!”
– “Er hat ein sehr bequemes Leben.” – “He has a very easy life.”
– “Sie können bequem über das Internet bestellen.” – “You can conveniently order on the internet.”

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