How to say whether something is available in German

The most universal word in German for “available” is “verfügbar” (the noun is “Verfügbarkeit” (f.)) because it can apply to people (in terms of free time in their schedule) as well as objects available for sale. More restrictive are the words “erhältlich” (just for commodities, “obtainable” or “procurable”), “lieferbar” (“deliverable”), “vorhanden” (“present” or “in existence”) and “vorrätig” (“in stock”):

– “Ich bin morgen um 15:00 Uhr verfügbar.” – “I am available tomorrow at 3pm.”
– “Sind die Produkte zur Zeit vorrätig?” – “Are the products in stock at the moment?”
– “Es sind keine Bananen mehr vorhanden.” – “There are no more bananas.”
– “Die Kisten sind nur am Mittwoch lieferbar.” – “The boxes are only available for shipment on Wednesday.”
– “Du musst seine Verfügbarkeit prüfen.” – “You have to check his availability.”
– “Die CD ist nicht überall erhältlich.” – “The CD is not available everywhere.”

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