How can I get health insurance in Germany? 

Is public or private health insurance better? What company works if you still need to apply for a work permit? How much will you pay?

If you already know you’d like to sign up for public health insurance (for example if you have a full-time job in Germany), Expath recommends Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) for their English-language customer service and informational support. You can register for TK here (affiliate link).

If you’re not sure what might be the best option for you, it’s best to check with an independent insurance broker. Expath works with Berlin-based insurance broker Keith Tanner – the best way to reach him is via email at keith.tanner (at)

Not quite ready to sign up for German health insurance but want to know more about how it works? Check out our online workshop Getting Started & Finding a Flat for general information on insurance and other important points of getting settled in Germany. If you need health insurance for a freelance permit, try our workshops Getting your Freelance Work Permit or Getting your Freelance Artist Visa.

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