Get Your Freelance Work Permit for Berlin

Working as a freelancer in Berlin combines the freedom of working on your own with the city's rich culture of independent work and high standard of living. If you're not an EU-citizen, however, a special work permit is required before you begin. 

In our streaming seminar Getting Your Freelance Work Permit in Berlin, we take the guesswork out of this process. You will learn how to book your appointment online, how to fill out the necessary documents, learn all about the application form, creating financing plans, letters of intent, insurance options, and much more.

Thanks to Expath I was able to get my Freelance Visa. I can't thank them enough. Tia is an angel sent from heaven as far as I'm concerned. German bureaucracy is difficult and daunting, but Expath will guide you, give expert advice, and even make you feel confident enough to tackle the task at hand!

- Sam C.

(Sample) Part 3: Checklist of required documents

The complete seminar includes 1 hour and 2 minutes worth of instructional videos. Full seminar contents:

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: Booking Your Appointment Online
  • Part 3: Checklist of Required Documents
  • Part 4: Filling out the Application Form
  • Part 5: Making a Financing Plan
  • Part 6: Making a Revenue Forecast
  • Part 7: Getting Letters of Intent
  • Part 8: Your CV and Qualifications
  • Part 9: Health Insurance and Pension
  • Part 10: At the Appointment

Expath's workshops helped give me direction and peace of mind about the naturalization process. Being an expatriate would have been a lot harder and more stressful without the guidance I found at Expath.

- Heran B..

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