Finding a Flat in Berlin

Finding a Flat in BerlinHelp!  I need a place and can’t speak German!

The real-estate market in Berlin is very competitive and you need every edge you can get to find – and ‘win’ – your dream apartment, WG or office space.  Expath can help!

Our Finding a Flat in Berlin workshops are led by our professional real estate coach.  We’ll answer your questions about how to find and rent or buy your dream apartment, including:

•       How can I use German-language websites if I don’t speak German?
•       How much should I be paying?  How do I know I’m not being cheated?
•       What red flags should I watch out for with the lease or landlord?
•       What’s the best/cheapest neighborhood for my lifestyle?
•       What financial or legal requirements or documents will I need to show?
•       How can I impress the landlord if I can’t prove I have a regular income?
•       Where else can I find a WG besides
•       How can I find the cheapest place as fast as possible?
•       How can I find roommates to start up my own WG?
•       Where else should I look besides Neukolln and Kreuzberg?
•       What questions should I be sure to ask my roommates?

You’ll come away with a resource list of the best sites for apartment-hunting in German and English, as well as practical information about the real-estate market in Berlin that will help you save time and money and avoid mistakes.

This workshop is currently being offered on-demand – contact us at to request more information! It is also available to stream online (packaged together with the “Getting Started” workshop) here.

Need an individual solution or a translator/interpreter for the flats hunt? No problem – Expath also provides individual coaching on Finding a Flat in Berlin via Skype or in our office.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!