Finding a Job Workshop

Finding a good job in Berlin can be challenging but we can help!

Whether you are from the EU or not, want casual work or professional work, or even if you’re German – our Finding a Job in Berlin workshop is for everyone.  You’ll learn:

•       What jobs can I do without speaking German well?
•       What are the best sites for job searching in English?
•       Where are the best places to do networking?
•       How do I write a German-style CV?
•       What’s the difference between freelancing/employment/internships?
•       What if I don’t have a work permit?
•       What do German employers want to hear from applicants?

You’ll come away with the best sites for job searching, ideas for building up your own professional network in Berlin, and tips and tricks for applying for jobs in Germany – all for just 25 Euros.

UPDATE: Currently, there are no live Finding a Job workshops scheduled for 2018. You can still stream our online seminar which covers the same topics.

If you would like to book a private version of this workshop for your organization, please contact coaching (at) anytime

If you need more individualized help, you can also get job-seeking advice in an individual coaching in our office or via Skype.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Your Expath Team