Finding a job in Germany as an expat

Working in Germany means security and peace of mind. For many international employees, benefits such as lots of paid vacation, great health insurance, maternity leave, pension and unemployment protection far exceed what's available back home. However, actually becoming an employee, especially without German skills, means knowing your way around the job market, the unique application process, and particular legal requirements.

In order to make the process of working in Germany simple and transparent, we've created our comprehensive online video seminar Finding a Job in Germany - to give you step-by-step guidelines for every part of the process.

The workshop was intelligently crafted and thorough. I received numerous tips, suggestions, details and tricks that we foreign kids just can't know without help and instruction. Tia is an exemplary instructor and conducted the workshop in a professional, engaging and friendly way.

- Chenoa D.

(Sample) Part 5: How to get a tax number and start invoicing

(Sample) Part 14: How are job interviews different in Germany?

After arriving in Berlin and networking online, I heard about an Expath workshop geared towards finding jobs in Germany. The workshop was very informative and user friendly. The price of the workshop is exceptionally low given all the information presented. I am glad I found Expath when I did! 

- Brian K.

The complete seminar includes 3 hours and 14 minutes worth of instructional videos, as well as handy downloadable resources for you to keep. Full seminar contents:

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: What jobs exist in Germany for people who don't speak German?
  • Part 3: What kinds of jobs are available in which German cities?
  • Part 4: How are entrepreneurs, employees, and freelancers different?
  • Part 5: How to get a tax number in Germany and start invoicing.
  • Part 6: How do freelancers file taxes in Germany?
  • Part 7: What types of work permits exist for non-EU citizens?
  • Part 8: Is the Work & Travel / Youth Mobility visa a good option in Germany?
  • ​​Part 9: What are other types of work permits (e.g. job search, internship, guest researcher)?
  • Part 10: What do international applicants do wrong in their job applications in Germany?
  • Part 11: What does a German-style CV/resume look like?
  • Part 12: What goes in a German cover letter?
  • Part 13: What else is necessary in a job application in Germany?
  • Part 14: How are job interviews different in Germany?
  • Part 15: How to network effectively and find excellent resources for the job hunt in Germany.
  • Part 16: Conclusions

[The workshop] answered a lot of questions, opened my eyes to the range of opportunities that I hadn't previously considered and left me feeling much better prepared for my job hunt.

- Rupesh P.

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