Intensive German Summer

Super-charge your German this summer in an intensive German course in Berlin!

Join us on our super-intensive German summer courses for beginners in Berlin! We offer cheap, fun, practical courses with a focus on speaking for total beginners and those with very basic existing knowledge of German. Taking some time out to learn German? Perhaps you’re planning a mini-break in Berlin at the best time of the year to be here? Our Beginners German courses are the perfect way to pass the time with our experienced and passionate teachers.

With Expath’s beginners intensive German schedule, you’ll have three hours of class per day either in the morning (10am – 1pm) or in the afternoon (1pm – 4pm). There are two two-week levels of summer intensive, A1 (Lower) and A1 (Higher), together comprising Level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).intensive German Course Berlin
What can I do in German after completing A1 (Lower)?

Lots of stuff! After completing this level of intensive German you will be able to: Do Greetings and Farewells; Make Introductions; Say where you’re from; Say what languages you speak; Ask and tell how you’re doing; Talk about Family; Count; Talk about where you’re from; Talk about others (he, she, we, you, they); Fill out registration forms; Talk about possessions; Name groceries; Express not having and needing things; Talk about what things are not (kein, keine); Express prices, units and packaging; Buy items over the counter; Order food; Talk about your apartment; Compare things; Talk about furniture; Read apartment ads; Tell time; Talk about daily routines (split verbs); Express dates; Use cardinal and ordinal numbers; Describe what you do at different times of the day; Talk about the weather; Express not having things (accusative); Talk about hobbies and free time; Talk about what you can and cannot do; Talk about what you want; Express actions in the past; Talk about daily routines in the past; Name days of the week; Name months; Talk about jobs and professions; Talk about duration (for & seit); Name years; Tell your life-story; Look for jobs; Express what you have to do (muss); Give instructions (imperative); Express permissions (dürfen)

What can I do in German after completing A1 (Higher)?

Even more stuff! After completing this level of intensive German you will be able to: Ask for clarification; Name body parts; Express pain; Express belonging (unser, euer, ihr, etc.); Interact with doctors; Write excuses; Make appointments on the phone; Give directions (review of cardinal and ordinal numbers); Describe locations (Dativ+prepositions of location); Express where you are and where you’re going (prepositions zu & nach); Ask for the location of places; Express sequences in time (vor, nach, bei); Give precise times in relation to one another (in); Express requests politely (könnten; würden); Talk about the function of things; Leave messages; Complain about broken equipment; Name items of clothing; Express likes and dislikes; Refer to items without naming them (den, die, das, mir, dir, ihm, ihr, etc.); Talk about taste and preferences; Ask about items and identify specific items (welche, diese, etc.); Express belonging (gehören); Talk about dates and duration; Use accusative pronouns (mich, dich, etc.); Write and understanding text messages in German; Read and write invitations; Talk about holidays in Germany; Write formal letters


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