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Last Update: 20. February 2017

Hi everyone,

Expath is proud to be COMPANY X‘s partner – providing you with German language classes at your office. Check out this page to stay informed of current and upcoming classes, to sign up, take a placement test, get in touch with us, and to leave feedback.

I. What’s Currently Happening

Expath currently has four German courses in progress at COMPANY X, with more starting soon (see next section)! Hope to see you there.

The group German classes currently in progress at COMPANY X are:

A1.1 Tue/Thur (6:00pm-7:30pm), Start: 21. February 2017, End: middle of April (to join, we recommend a test score of around 0% – no test necessary)

A2.1 Tue/Thur (6:30pm-8pm), Start: 9. February 2017, End: beginning of May (to join, we recommend a test score of around 22%)

A2.2 Mon (7:00pm-8:30pm), Start: 7. November 2016, End: middle of April (to join, we recommend a test score around 35%)

B2.1 Tue/Thur (9-10:30am), Start: 17. January 2017, End: late April (to join now, we recommend a test score of around 60%)

There are a few spots left in each class. To join now, or to check the course out in a demo-lesson, please take our online placement test and see which level is right for you (please use your COMPANY X email). Please use the contact form below to let us know that you’d like to check out the course, so that we can organize a book for you and put you in the official list. You can also email us at Please note that COMPANY X covers 80% of the course fee, with the remaining 20% of the cost shared proportionally by the students in each course. This 20% amounts to 288 EUR. If five people are in a class, that would be 57.60EUR for each student, for example. Each class has a “class speaker” who gets the invoice from us and collects the money from the other students.

II. What’s Starting Soon

Let us know if there’s a level you’re interested in that’s not listed above. If you’re interested in one-to-one German lessons, please see here.

Currently, we are considering running a new A1.2 course if any of the above courses do not get enough sign-ups upon continuation, or if we get over 6 interested people together. If you can’t wait, maybe the following is interesting for you:

NEW: COMPANY X employees, as well as their partners and friends get a special 48 EUR discount at our school in Neukölln for group classes. Please use discount code COMPANYX17 to sign up here. We have lots of evening courses (6:30pm-8:45pm) and are very close to the U8 and U7.

If you’re interested in joining a future course, please take our online placement test, make a note of your score, and use the contact form below to let us know your level and availability as well as your contact information. If you are already enrolled in a current course, please contact us to let us know that you want to continue with the next level. You will be placed on our waiting list and we will contact you directly via email as soon as a suitable course is scheduled.

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III. Feedback

We’re always interested in improving our classes, and in providing you with top-notch quality. If you have any feedback, suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear them. Please use our online feedback form to get in touch (anonymously) and we will make sure the issue is addressed as soon as possible.

Have fun and much success!

Your Expath Team