American Taxes for Expats

Calling all Americans in Berlin!

What does living abroad mean for your US taxes? Do you even have to file?
The answer is YES! The United States is one of the only countries in the world that bases taxation on citizenship rather than residence – so even if you don’t end up owing anything, you will still need to file a tax return!
Join us Saturday, March 10th from 11am-12:30pm at Rosenthaler Platz (Torstr. 117, 5th floor) for our workshop ‘Doing U.S. Taxes for Expats.’ Expert American tax attorney TM Mawn will answer your questions and guide you through the main forms you’ll need to file your US taxes while living in Germany.*

The workshop covers:

• The basics of filing US taxes while living overseas
• Types of income and taxes owed on them in the US
• Forms to file and deadlines to meet
• Credits, deductions and exemptions
• Special circumstances for freelancers
• What to do if you failed to pay in previous years

This workshop is 40€ + 19% VAT (= 47.60€) and takes place in our center in Mitte (Torstr. 117). Seats are limited so please fill out the form below to reserve your spot as soon as possible!

*Please note that this workshop does not cover filing German taxes. If you are a freelancer/self-employed check out our useful ‘Freelancing in Berlin‘ workshop for general information on German taxes, or consult a German tax adviser for individualized advice about your situation.

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