Join our weekly "pay-as-you-go" German courses!

Don't want to commit to a month-long course? Don't know where you'll be two weeks from now or what your work situation will be like? Got a vacation coming up? Our new modular system makes it easy for freelancers and people with erratic schedules to still join intensive German courses that you can flexibly book from week to week!

Just click on your next module and register online!

Level A1.1 starts with Mod 1, A1.2 with Mod 3, A2.1 with Mod 6, and A2.2 with Mod 9. Not sure which module is right for you? Take our online placement test

Each of our modules represents a week of intensive classes. That means Mon-Thur mornings (10am-1pm) or afternoons (2pm-5pm, now 10% off!), either in our Neukölln or Mitte schools. If a week has a holiday, a makeup lesson will take place on that Friday. Each module starts almost every week!

Some examples of how it works:

The Dilemma: Emily has just completed an A1.2 course and would like to move on to the next level, which starts in the first week of February. However, she has a two-week vacation planned starting on the 18th, which would overlap this new course by a week. She doesn't want to miss a whole week of paid lessons and is not sure whether to book the course.

The Solution: With our modular system, Emily can go right on with module 6 (which represents the first third of A2.1) and then right afterwards take module 7 (which represents the middle third of the level). She then takes her holiday and, when she returns, takes module 8 (the last part of A2.1), without missing any lessons.

The Dilemma: David just recently moved to Berlin and his work situation is all up in the air. He's got some interesting prospects, but is not sure when he will be hired, and whether his job will require him to work in the mornings, evenings, or full-time. He does not want to invest in a month-long German course which he might suddenly need to drop out of. He's hesitant to book anything, though he wants to learn German.

The Solution: With our pay-as-you-go modules, David doesn't need to worry about his job and his course conflicting. He can flexibly book his next modules, progressively, on a weekly basis and, once his job situation is clear, either flexibily books around his new job, or goes for a full-length evening or daytime course instead.

The Dilemma: Lisa's work schedule changes from week to week and she travels often. This has prevented her from taking any German lessons in the last few months. She feels like she could use a bit of a refresher of the last level, but feels like it would be a waste of her time to start right from the beginning. She also can't commit to the same time slot or location for a full month. 

The Solution: Since Lisa is between levels, she can easily join a module that represents the middle or end of her level. In addition, she can find plenty of options for modules that take place in the morning or afternoon, in Neukölln or Mitte, ensuring maximum flexibility and zero waste of time or money!

Fantastic experience taking day-time intensive courses over two months. The instructors are excellent, and the staff are always happy/able to answer any questions. This was my best German language school experience in Berlin.

- Alex T.

This place is fantastic for learning German and actually enjoying it. The teachers are all excellent in their field. [Each time] I left feeling that I had massively improved my German. 

- Lewis N.

Booking a course with Expath is easy

Step 1 : Know your Level


If you're an absolute beginner, we recommend starting with Module 1. If you're not, take our free online test. We highly recommend that, unless you've taken a module with us before, you join at the beginning module of a level (i.e. either Module 3, 6, or 9).

Step 2 : Find your Course


Simply click on your desired module above, select the course you want to join and register. Be sure to click on the course itself to get more details.

Step 3 : Make the Payment


After filling out your contact info, you'll be asked to pay securely online. If you wish not to pay online, please visit us in one of our schools and register in person. Once payment is received, you're all set!

Step 4 : Start Learning!


Now all you have to do is come to your first class. All you need to bring is a pen and something to write on (and we recommend the course book as well, but it's not strictly required) We're looking forward to seeing you in class!

If you don't wish to book on a weekly basis, have a look at our full-length courses instead. Please note that, in order for this system to work, it is not possible to switch from a module to a full-length course (or vice versa) after your booked class has already begun. Please also note that our refund policy for these weekly modules is a full 100% refund within 24 hours of your first lesson.

We're looking forward to seeing you in class! All the best from your Expath team.