Join our weekly "pay-as-you-go" German courses!

Don't want to commit to a month-long course? Don't know where you'll be two weeks from now or what your work situation will be like? Got a vacation coming up? Our new modular system makes it easy for freelancers and people with erratic schedules to still join intensive German courses that you can flexibly book from week to week! 

Just click on your next module and register online!

Level A1.1 starts with Mod 1, A1.2 with Mod 3, A2.1 with Mod 6, and A2.2 with Mod 9. Not sure which module is right for you? Take our online placement test

Each of our modules represents a week of intensive classes. That means Mon-Thur mornings (10am-1pm) or afternoons (2pm-5pm, now 10% off!), either in our Neukölln or Mitte schools. If a week has a holiday, a makeup lesson will take place on that Friday. Each module starts almost every week!

Got questions? Give us a call at 030 437 73 678 . We're happy to help!

We're looking forward to seeing you in class! All the best from your Expath team.

At Expath, we offer daytime intensive courses that you can flexbily book by the week.

You can become conversational in German in 11 weeks! 

Each such course (module) is 4 days long (Mon-Thur) and takes place either in the mornings (10am-1pm) or afternoons (2pm-5pm). You don't need to book them consecutively - if you need to take a week or two off, just book the next module at a later date!

If you have any questions, please either call us at 030 437 73 678 or email Rosa at

Click on your module below to register your spot in our school in Neukölln or Mitte today! Not sure what your level is? Take our online test.

A1.1 = Module 1 and Module 2

A1.2 = Module 3 and Module 4 and Module 5

A2.1 = Module 6 and Module 7 and Module 8

A2.2 = Module 9 and Module 10 and Module 11

We're looking forward to seeing you in class! All the best from your Expath team.