Want to be an expat in Germany but not sure how? We put all the info together for you!

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  • Getting Started & Finding A Flat
  • Childcare in Berlin
  • Freelancing in Germany
  • Getting your Freelance Work Permit
  • Getting Your Freelance Artist visa
  • Finding a Job in Germany
  • How german grammar works

Getting Started & Finding a Flat

Planning a move to Germany or just arrived? Work permits, bank accounts, apartments, health insurance and more? We've got it covered to get you set up right! Full video workshop length: ca. 50 minutes.

My first days in Berlin were a little bit terrifying (even though I had lived in another German city already), so the "Getting started in Berlin" workshop was definitely a great way to start getting things done. It's only been 4 days since the workshop and most of my legal obligations have been accomplished already. I can now say I feel confident to start my life in Berlin. Thank you!!!!!

Julia S. 

1. Introductions & Overview of Content

2. Before you leave: Temporary Accommodation

3. Registering your address

4. Booking an appointment for a residency permit

5. Getting health insurance

6. Pension, unemployment and other insurances

7. Opening a bank account

8. Getting phone and internet

9. Renting: Neighborhoods, prices & key terms

10. Searching for flats: How to use Immobilienscout

11. Paperwork: Application documents & the lease

12. Finding a flat: A few extra tips

Downloadable Resources:

(PDF) Finding a Flat Handout (includes rental price map of Berlin, flat-hunting vocab, email template requesting viewings, cover letter for applying for a flat, a checklist of needed forms, and links for helpful resources) 

(PDF) Registration Form (Anmeldeformular) Blank

(JPG) Registration Form (Anmeldeformular) Filled Out (example)

(PDF) Landlord Permission (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) Blank

(JPG) Landlord Permission (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) Filled Out (example)