How to say "to show" in German

The German word for “to show” is not “schauen” (“to look”), although they sound similar and are, in fact, related. The actual term for “to show” is “zeigen”. The index finger is called “Zeigefinger” (m.) (lit. “showing finger”) in German, and the hands on a clock are called “Uhrzeiger” (m.), from which we also get “im Uhrzeigersinn” (“clockwise”) and “gegen den Uhrzeigersinn” (“counterclockwise”).

The actual noun for “show” (as in, a radio or television program) is also “Show” (f.) in German, but more classically “Vorführung” (f.) or “Vorstellung” (f.) (“performance” or “presentation”) and very rarely “Schau” (f.),

– “Zeig mir was du kannst.” – “Show me what you can do.”
– “Können Sie es mir zeigen?” – “Can you show it to me?” or also “Can you show me how to do it?”
– “Ich muss dir unbedingt diese Vorführung zeigen.” – “I absolutely have to show you this show.”

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