How to express boredom in German

The word for “bored”, in the sense of being uninterested and feeling tired, is “gelangweilt” in German. Its corresponding noun “boredom” is “Langeweile” (f.) – essentially a “long while” or “a long period of time”.

The phrase “I am bored.” can be expressed in three different ways:

– “Ich langweile mich.”
– “Ich bin gelangweilt.”
– “Ich habe Langeweile.”

The word for “boring” is “langweilig”. Likewise, the word for “interesting” is “interessant” and “interested” is “interessiert”. Just as with their bored/boring counterparts, these should not be confused with one another:

“Er ist gelangweilt.” – “He is bored.”
“Er ist langweilig.” – “He is boring.”
“Er ist interessiert.” – “He is interested.”
“Er ist interessant.” – “He is interesting.”

Note: “to be interested in (something)” is “sich (für etwas) interessieren” in German: “Ich interessiere mich für Autos.” – “I am interested in cars.”

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