Set up as a freelancer in Germany without stress

Want to freelance in Germany but unsure about how invoicing, taxes and health insurance work?

Save yourself time and stress and avoid common mistakes with our streaming online seminar Freelancing in Germany. You'll find out everything you need to know about different types of (self-)employment, taxes and insurances plus points special to Germany avoiding "false self-employment", legal necessities for your website, and much more.

Just did the [freelancing workshop] and it was well worth the money. All the legal issues and stuff surrounding health insurance, tax, etc is really confusing, (even if your German is good) so having it all laid out like Tia did was so extremely helpful. Save yourself the time, the confusion and the hassle and find out what you need to know to function as a freelancer in Germany.

- Matt B.

(Sample) Part 1: Overview of workshop topics

(Sample) Part 2: The Basics - Different types of self-employment

Full seminar contents:

  • Part 1: Overview of workshop topics
  • Part 2: The Basics - employment, self-employment, freelancing or 'Gewerbe' (trade)
  • Part 3: Legal Business Types - sole proprietorship vs. company
  • Part 4: Getting a tax number and creating invoices
  • Part 5: Income Tax - who pays what, when?
  • Part 6: VAT - who pays what, when?
  • Part 7: Getting health insurance - the public and private systems
  • Part 8: The social insurance system & Künstlersozialkasse

  • Part 9: Other insurances - liability, renter's, and more
  • Part 10: Creating a budget & calculating your rates
  • Part 11: Protecting against 'Scheinselbständigkeit' (false self-employment)
  • Part 12: Making a contract, what to do when customers don't pay
  • Part 13: Special points about your company name & website
  • Part 14: Special points about email marketing & data security

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