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  • Getting Started & Finding A Flat
  • Childcare in Berlin
  • Freelancing in Germany
  • Getting your Freelance Work Permit
  • Getting Your Freelance Artist visa
  • Finding a Job in Germany
  • How german grammar works

Freelancing in Germany (2019 Edition!)

Planning to work as a freelancer, self-employed or in a trade in Germany (and not sure about the difference)? Find out everything you need about taxes, invoices, budgets, insurances, the laws governing your website and marketing, and more! 

I would strongly advise anyone starting up in Berlin or starting a creative career in Berlin to sign up for this workshop as for such a small price the information you will get along with the contacts you make is worth every penny to get your career started on the right foot. Many thanks to Tia for coming up with such an indispensable and useful service.

Cally L.

1. Overview of workshop topics

2. (Self-)employment, freelance, or Gewerbe

3. Business types - sole proprietorship vs. company

4. Getting a tax number and creating invoices

5. Income tax - who pays what, when?

6. VAT - who pays what, when?

7. Health insurance - the public and private systems

8. The social insurance system & Künstlersozialkasse

9. Other  insurances - liability, renter's, and more

10. Creating a budget & calculating your rates

11. Protecting against 'Scheinselbständigkeit' 

12. Making a contract, dealing with non-payers

13. Special points about company name & website

14. Special points about email marketing

Downloadable Resource:

(PDF) Freelancing Checklist and Resources